Consular services

The Embassy of Vietnam in Norway provides a wide variety of services for both Vietnamese and foreigners from passport, visa, civil status registration, nationality-related services, etc. Especially, for Norwegian travellers in need of visa to Vietnam, they definitely should contact the Embassy.

1. Visa procedure

1.1. Check-list

  • The documents are comprised of:
  • Application form
  • Valid passport
  • 02 passport photos
  • Other supporting documents requested by the Officials
  • 01 prepaid self-addressed return envelope if you want to receive visa by post

Visa fee (pay in cash or by bank transfer)

1.2. Embassy’s address

Applicants go to the Embassy in person and submit application at:

Address: 21 St. Olavsgate, 0165 Oslo, Norway. 

Post office address: Pb. 6635 St Olavsplass, 0130 Oslo, Norway.

Telephone: +47 – 2 – 2203 300

Fax: +47 – 2 – 2203 301

 1.3. Remarks

  • Processing time is from 2 to 3 working days in case full documents are received. 
  • For the stay within 15 days, Norway citizens holding one of these kinds of passport including diplomatic, official/ special/ service, ordinary are free from visa application.

However, the following conditions must be met:

  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry into VietNam
  • A return flight ticket or ticket to a third country 
  • The arrival should be at least 30 days after the last exit
  • The traveller has not been under any bans from entering Viet Nam

2. Visa fee

The total cost includes approval fee, a processing fee, postal service and expedite service (if any). 

If you travel in a group, one-time transaction can be made for all group members. Visa fee varies and depends on visa type, duration of stay and type of service as below:

NoType of visaPrice/ visa (USD)
1Single entry visa25
2Multiple entry visa 
 03-month validity50
 More than 03-month to 06-month validity95
 More than 06-month to 01-year validity135
 More than 01-year to 02-year validity145
 More than 02-year to 05-year validity155
3Transfer of valid visas from old passport to new one5