Visa for Vietnam

Vietnam visa is classified into 20 types depending on the purpose of stay. 24 countries’
passport holders are free to access without a visa, otherwise a valid visa must be possessed to enter Vietnam.

See full list of nationalities that doesn’t require a visa for Vietnam:

Vietnam visa exemption

1. Vietnam tourist/travel visa

Tourist visa is comprised of 4 types: 1 month single entry, 3 months single entry, 1 month multiple entry and 3 months multiple entry. Visa type cannot be changed once you step into

Vietnam, however you can renew one time.

Visa fee also changes so frequently that you should check before applying.

For Vietnam travel visa, you just need to check your passport validity (at least 6 months) and blank pages to stick visa and stamp before submitting application.

2. Vietnam business visa

Vietnam business visa is categorized into LV, DN and DT which are issued to people coming  to Vietnam for business purposes such as: looking for business opportunities, attending business meeting/ events, selling/ purchasing merchandise, etc.

Business visa’s validity is from 1 month, 3 months to 6 months. Single entry and multiple entry apply to short-term visa (no more than 3 months) but there is no single entry type for long-term visa (6 months).

3. Requirements for Norwegian citizens

Norway is in the list of Vietnam visa exemption, so its citizens only need to possess a
passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival if they stay in 15 days or less.

Otherwise, a visa is compulsory and application documents must include:

– A valid passport with minimum 2 empty pages
– 02 recent passport photos (4×6 cm)
– Visa application form

For business visa, the applicant must show an extra document:

– Sponsorship/ invitation letter by a partner or company in Vietnam

For visa on arrival, these documents are added:

– Visa approval letter by Vietnam Immigration Department
– Visa stamping fee

If foreigners entering Vietnam by air, they can consider applying for a Vietnam visa on
arrival which is much more time-saving and convenient. Applicant can get approval letter online and then get visa stamped at Vietnam airports. For more details, please contact

For other nationalities, see requirements for Vietnam visa here.