Norway to Vietnam flights

At the moment, there is no direct flight from Norway to Vietnam, but all flights have to stop at minimum 1 transit destination before flying to Vietnam. They are all long flights so that you should have a good preparation of health. 

Most of them depart from Oslo and land in 3 major airports: Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh. 

Here are some of highly recommended airline carriers:

  1. British Airways: There are average 2 flights/day (all are one-stop flights), each flight lasts in 23-28 hours. You can carry a checked baggage of up to 23kg. Airfare is from $1,300/one-way.

2. Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Scandinavia region which includes Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The flying time ranges from 18 to 19 hours excluding transit/ transfer time at 2 stop. Each day has 2 flights to choose from and their cost is mostly from $1,200 depending on class and departure day.

3. Lufthansa provides 5 flights/day from Oslo to Vietnam. Each flight’s flying time varies from 19 to 28 hours, whose prices range between $1,000 and $1,600.

4. Aeroflot offers 1-stop flights whose fare is around $500/ one-way route. Flying time of sole Aeroflot operator is only 14-17 hours, but that of Aeroflot-Vietnam Airlines operated flights is more than 1 day. Ticket price is also higher falling from $600 and above.

 5. Thai Airways is the carrier which provide most of the flights from Norway to Vietnam. Each day, it has 12 flights on average and offers checked baggage up to 30kg. Meanwhile, airfare is reasonable, too (from $700 to 800 per one-way ticket).

6. Qatar Airways: you have to pay from $500 to 1300 to purchase an air ticket from Oslo to either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. There are 5 flights/day with different departure time and number of intermediate destinations to choose from.

7. Turkish Airlines: all Norway-Vietnam routes of this carrier are 1-stop flights, so its price is quite high compared to others, from $1,110 and above.

8. Emirates: the 5-star carrier only provides 1 flight per 2 days. However, its average price is only $600/one-way route and passengers need to transit at only 1 stop. Its checked luggage weight for economy class is 30 kg.

9. If coming to Vietnam by air, Norwegians can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival (in case their stay in Vietnam is more than 15 days. For more details of this visa, please contact